Unique decor includes:

  • Foam and Fiberglass props
  • Garland and Wreaths
  • Ornaments and Bows
  • Animatronics
  • Specialty lighting

For one of our shows we created this countdown clock as well as the show time indicator.  The hand of the clock rotated to each minute letting guest know how long until showtime. The show time / cocoa time hand would swing back and forth letting guests know when it was show time. The red and green lights would also turn on with the corresponding time.

This animatronic snowman, whose name is North, was controlling one of our shows via his control panel. Through creative programming not everything went "according to plan" but North always seemed to make it right in the end.

A fiberglass trumpeting soldier peering out from a wreath is a great way to add a magical touch. This one was in a 6 foot wreath which featured animating lights.