Lightasmic! specializes in all forms of animation. Animation and synchronization brings life to displays, from a tail moving back and forth to a scene of elves making cider. Adding animating displays to a park tells a story and enhances the guests' experience. 

Portfolio Sampling


This dancing tree show consisted
of 20 trees wrapped with layers of LED lights. The show was
located in a central gathering area with the trees forming a circle
providing for 360 degree viewing.

This tree show showcases thousands of LED lights. It has 20 trees ranging from 30 feet to 40 feet high each layered with three different colors.

This singing pumpkin display is 17 feet tall by 24 feet wide and lit with LED rope light. It features 7 pumpkins that each have 4 mouth movements. Also all the pumpkins have eye movement either blinking or looking left and right.

Here is a tree synchronized for the  4th of July that is comprised of 25,000 LED lights.


This light tunnel is constructed on a bridge. It is more than 100 feet long and features red and green LEDs.


To the right is an archway that was made for The Great Kern County Fair. It features larger than life characters and was designed to reflect each years theme.